Combined Roller Bearings

Combined roller bearings consist of a radial bearing and an axial bearing in one unit. The radial bearing is designed to take the majority of the load and runs on the flanges of the channel. The axial roller takes the sideways load & runs on the web of the channel.

The hub of the combined roller bearing can be welded directly onto the moving element (eg. bogie, platform, carriage). Alternatively the combined roller bearing can be supplied already welded to a mounting plate enabling it to be bolted on.

There are 4 ranges of bearings - standard, eccentric adjustable, shim adjustable & Jumbo.

The smallest standard bearing has an outer diameter of 52.5mm and the largest 'Jumbo' bearing has a diameter of 390mm. The size of bearing required is determined by the Hertzian pressure. Calculate which size you need.