Mounting Plate

Mounting plates enable the combined roller bearings to be bolted into place and allow easy removal. They can be supplied pre-welded to the bearing or on their own.

Click the part number for detailed drawing. Links to the corresponding bearings are also provided.

To order the plates welded to the bearings simply put a '+' between the bearing part number and the plate part number e.g. 4.054 + PL0.

Special plates can be made to your requirements - minimum order quantities may apply.

Read our technical information on Combined Roller Bearings or view our application examples.

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Catalogue Data Sheet

Mounting plates for combi bearings
Standard Plate Part Number Data Sheet (pdf) Square Plate Part Number Data Sheet (pdf) To fit bearings... Standard Bearing Adjustable Bearing Radial Bearing
PL00 Plate data sheet PL00-SQ Plate data sheet   4.053 - -
PL0 Plate data sheet PL0-SQ Plate data sheet   4.054 4.454 2.2062
PL1 Plate data sheet PL1-SQ Plate data sheet   4.055 4.455 2.2070
PL2 Plate data sheet PL2-SQ Plate data sheet   4.056 4.456 2.2077
PL3 (Square) Plate data sheet PL3-1 (Rectangular) -   4.058 4.458 2.2088
PL4 Plate data sheet PL4-SQ Plate data sheet   4.061 & 4.062 4.461 & 4.462 2.2107 & 2.2123
PL6 Plate data sheet PL6-SQ Plate data sheet   4.063 4.463 2.2149

All dimensions are in mm.

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