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A. Mounting

track bearing set up rail mounting with through bolts

1. Make sure the surface on which the track is to be laid is flat

2. Handle all items with care and make sure hand and finger marks are wiped over with WD40 or similar to prevent rusting on bright steel surfaces.

3. Bolts to be tightened to following TORQUES (see drawing above):

Carriage Component LW25 LW36 LW54
Thread (G) 5.5Nm 23Nm 46Nm
Eccentric Bolt (E) 2.4Nm 8Nm 40Nm
Concentric Bolt (C) 2.4Nm 8Nm 40Nm

Guideway Component S25 S36 S54
  M5 M6 M10
Nut & Caphead Bolt (N) 6Nm 10Nm 46Nm

4. If using two guideways make sure they are parallel by careful measurement.

5. If side thrust is expected make sure that the carriage is installed so that the load is acting on the CONCENTRIC bolts of the track rollers.

B. Clearance Free Adjustment

Correctly assembled, the assembly is set clearance free by mean of adjusting the eccentric bolts and then locked into position by lock nut E (see above drawing). The carriage should then be movable by applying a light force, ensuring all rollers are rotating in contact with the guideways.

Excessive preloads are not necessary and reduce the life of the system.

C. Lubrication

Applicable to carriage references LW..-4.. Theses carriages carry lubricating/wiper elements in their front faces which contact the guideways to keep them lightly oiled.

Lubricate through the nipples which feed the oil reservoir using a slideway oil. This must be done prior to using the system and at regular intervals.

The track roller bearings are sealed for life and require no lubrication.