Why use a Track Guidance system?

Recirculating ball bushings and carriages have a major disadvantage in dirty environments where dirt might enter the ball tracks and cause rough running and damage. The linear Track Guidance System uses fully sealed double row ball bearings which are much more difficult to contaminate and offer much higher loadings. The outer ring of these ball bearings run directly onto precision ground rails thus producing a very smooth operation. There are two styles of carriage - open carriages & closed carriages.

For corrosion resistant systems, the carriages can be specified with stainless steel bearings and the rails with stainless steel shafts.


vmax = 10m/s
amax = 50m/s2
Temperature range: -20ºC to +80ºC

Forces can be applied in horizontal, vertical and torsional directions.
Accuracy of 0.050mm per metre is attainable. See installation guide.

Download .dxf CAD files

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Track guidance closed linear carriage


Closed linear bearing carriage for use with S and S--B rails.

Track guidance open linear carriage


Open linear bearing carriage for use with S and S--B rails.

Track guidance bearings and spigots


Track bearings and spigots - integrated into the closed and open carriages but also available to buy separately.

Track Guidance Rail


S and S--B rail for use with both carriages or just the bearings. Aluminium extrusion with steel or stainless steel shafts.

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