Combined Roller Bearings

Our Combined Roller Bearings consist of a radial bearing, an axial (face) bearing and a weldable hub. The main radial bearing can take very high loads and the axial roller takes side loads and prevents the bearing from crabbing in the channel. Used in conjunction with their mating steel channel it is possible to design and build a heavy duty linear sliding system, for either horizontal or vertical motion. More complicated systems can be built using the bearings and channel to create telescopic and cantilevered solutions. We can help you to select the correct size for your application. Our bearings range in size from an outer diameter of 52.5mm all the way up to 390mm (Jumbo CR range).

The hub of the bearing is weldable so that the bearing can either be welded directly to a structure or to a mounting plate. We keep the standard mounting plates on stock and we can supply the bearing welded to its plate. The standard mounting plates have both threaded holes and thru holes so that the plate can be fixed from the front or the back. We can fabricate bespoke mounting plates to your design.

We also offer a range of combined roller bearings that a have an eccentric adjustable face roller. The height of the face roller can be varied by removing the front face plate and rotating the shaft of the axial bearing, the ends of which are splined. More information on our website here: Eccentric Adjustable CR Bearings

If your application does not require the axial (face) roller then you could use our Radial Bearings which offer all the advantages of our Combined Roller Bearings and are designed to run in the same steel channels.

Tolerance Rings

Tolerance Ring AN BN Euro-Bearings UK

A Tolerance Ring is a corrugated metal strip which is used to act between two cylindrical objects to create an interference fit. The corrugations act like springs, fastening the two objects together. They can also be used for torque control and can provide overload protection using torque slip.

They fall into the general category of friction fasteners. They are made from spring steel or stainless steel.

There are two different types of tolerance ring. Our AN type are used to hold an object into a housing. Our BN type is used to hold an object onto a shaft. If for example the object is a bearing then you would use the AN type on the outer diameter and you would use the BN type in the bore.

The use of a tolerance ring can reduce assembly times, permit larger machining tolerances and can compensate for misalignment and thermal expansion between components. A tolerance ring also allows for disassembly.

Typical applications include:

  • mounting of bearings
  • pulley to shaft connections
  • fan to shaft connections
  • mounting knobs
  • mounting stators in electric motors
  • mounting magnets
  • refurbishment of housings
  • torque control

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