CHANNELS for combined roller bearings

Precision rails for use with precision combined roller bearings only.

These channels are machined internally to provide a more precise internal distance between the flanges. This enables the clearance between the bearing and the steel to be reduced, hence reducing the 'play' in the system in cantilevered applications.

Calculate which size you need using Hertzian Pressure data - these values have been updated as the steel is now even STRONGER!

See our flange clamps for quick & easy installation of the rails in horiztonal applications.

Click the part number for detailed drawing.

Read our technical information on Combined Roller Bearings or view our application examples.

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rail for combined roller bearings
Profile Reference Web Height Flange Width Channel Height Weight per metre Material Bearing Reference Plate Section
EC065L 86.5 35 65 9.44 S450J2 PR4.054 PL0 C Section
EC074L 103 39 74 13.14 S450J2 PR4.055 PL1 C Section
EC082L 121 39.2 82 17.87 S450J2 PR4.056 PL2 C Section
EC093L 135.5 51 93 25.16 S450J2 PR4.058 PL3 C Section
EC112L 157


112 31.47 S450J2 PR4.061 PL4 C Section
EC128L 175 64 128 36 S450J2 PR4.062 PL4 C Section
EC154L 201 69 154 45 S450J2 PR4.063 PL6 C Section

All dimensions are in mm. Weight is in kg.

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