Euro-Bearings Ltd are now able to offer the standard range of bearings, channels, mounting plates and flange clamps with a corrosion resistant coating (see index below). Thin Dense Chromium (TDC) plating offers many benefits over stainless steel including higher load capacities, shorter lead times and lower price.

Read more about Thin Dense Chromium plating and the benefits of coating bearings.

Some sizes of channels are now available from stock in AISI 304L Stainless Steel. Please contact us for more information.

These products can be used in many heavy duty linear motion applications and their corrosion resistance makes them suitable for the Offshore, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Our technical sales team are always happy to advise on selection.
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combined roller bearing with corrosion resistant coating

Standard combined roller (CR) bearings
Mounting plates for combined bearings
Radial roller bearings
Standard channels (rails / steel profiles) for standard, eccentric and shim adjustable bearings
Flanged clamps for fixing channels
Technical data for combined roller bearings and steel profiles
Vulkollan combined roller bearings
Jumbo combined roller bearings
Hertzian pressure calculations
Application Examples for combined roller bearings and steel profiles