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This page provides links to all of Euro-Bearings Ltd's web pages detailing closed type linear ball bushing systems.

Ball Bushings
ball bushing closed stainless steel linear bush compact ball bushing compact ball bushing super closed linear ball bushing
Standard Ball Bushings Stainless Steel Ball Bushings Compact Ball Bushings Stainless Steel Compact Ball Bushings Super Ball Bushing
special ball bushing tanden linear ball bushing seals for linear bearings  
Special Ball Bushings Tandem Ball Bushing Linear Bearing Seals
Round Flanged Ball Bushings
round flanged linear
tandem flanged linear ball bush tandem flanged linear reverse round flanged linear bush reverse flanged tandem linear ball bushing
Round Flanged Bush Tandem Round Flanged Bush Triple Round Flanged Bush Round Reversed Flanged Bush Reverse Flanged Tandem Bush
tandem flanged aluminium linear set tandem mid flanged linear mid flanged bush with relube  
Tandem Flanged Housing Tandem Mid-Flanged Bush Relubricateable Mid-Flanged Bush
Square Flanged Ball Bushings
square flanged linear tandem square flanged ball bushing mid square flanged ball bush  
Square Flanged Bushings Tandem Square Flanged Bush Square Mid-Flanged Bush
Linear-Rotating Bushes
rotating sliding linear ball bushing flanged rotating & sliding linear  
Rotating-Sliding Bush (for plain shaft) Flanged Rotating-Sliding Bush (for plain shaft)
Spline Shafts & Bushes
torque resistant bush flanged torque reistant spline bush rotating-sliding spline ball bushing spline shafts  
Torque Resistant Spline Bush Flanged Torque Resistant Spline Bush Rotating-Sliding Heavy Duty Spline Bush Spline Shaft (Torque Resistant)
aluminium housing ae35 tandem aluminium housing te85 aluminium compact linear housing ag27 Tandem linear bearing housing VB40 linear housing (quad)
Aluminium Housing for Linear Bearings (AE35) Tandem Aluminium Linear Bearing Housing (TE85) Compact Aluminium Linear Bearing Housing (AG27 / AG85) Tandem Flanged Aluminium Housing (TF83) Aluminium Quad Block (Table / Housing) (VB40)
cast iron linear housing flanged cast iron linear housing  
Cast Iron Linear Bearing Housing (LE65) Flanged Cast Iron Housing for Linear Bearings (FE81)
Shafts, shaft supports & systems
aluminium end support for linear shafts flanged end supports for shafting stainless steel shaft end supports cast iron end support for linear shaft  
Aluminium Shaft End Supports Flanged Cast Iron Shaft End Supports Stainless Steel Shaft End Supports Shaft End Supports with Feet (Cast Iron & Aluminium)
cf53 shaft x90 linear sliding systems  
Hardened & Ground Linear Bearings Shafts Complete Linear Sliding System (Closed)