Stainless Steel Channel for Combined Roller Bearings

Corrosion resistant combined roller bearings and rails / channels
Stainless Steel Rail for Combined Roller Bearings

Is corrosion resistance is an important factor in the design of your linear motion system? Take a look at our stainless steel rails together with our corrosion resistant combined roller bearings. When used with the combined roller bearings, these rails offer good load capacities and are suitable for a wide variety of applications. The system can be horizontal, vertical and even cantilevered!

Stainless steel EC053 (to suit 52.5mm ΓΈ bearing) is now available from stock. Other sizes on request.

Our technical sales team are on hand to answer any questions.

Corrosion Resistant Linear Motion System

Our aluminium motion guidance system is now fully corrosion resistant. The profiled linear rails are made from aluminium with stainless steel inserts and the carriages have stainless steel balls. The carriages are available in standard and flanged styles and there are three sizes available. The rails can be specified as either top or bottom mounting. This lightweight system is ideal for exterior applications or where there is a requirement for low ferrous content.

Stainless Steel Anti-Vibration Engine Mounts

stainless steel marine mount

Our latest product is a stainless steel anti-vibration mount. It is available in two sizes – SS MCM 01 and SS MCM 02. This captive mount can be used to mount engines & generators in marine environments. The mounting hole is captive between the top and bottom plates to ensure that the AV mount remains failsafe should the rubber shear.

We also have a range of Male-Male (MMSS) and Female-Female (FFSS) mounts in Stainless Steel.