Simply the Best in Linear Motion

Euro-Bearings Ltd’s Combined Roller Bearing range offers one of the most versatile linear motion systems.

combined roller bearing application

The combined roller bearing is a unit consisting of two roller bearings assembled on a weldable hub and it is designed to carry both axial and radial loads. The bearings are used in conjunction with special steel profiles (C or I) to form a heavy duty linear sliding system.

The bearings and rails can be used both horizontally and vertically, and can also be arranged telescopically to allow for full extension. The simplest system consists of just four bearings and two rails. Some application examples are shown below.

With the standard range of bearings offering diameters from 52.5mm to 149mm, and the Jumbo range offering sizes up to 390mm, the system is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The bearings can be supplied pre-welded to a mounting plate which can then simply be bolted on, or they can be welded directly to the structure for a more compact configuration.

Our knowledgeable technical sales team can offer advice on applications, design, corrosion resistance and sizing. Please call or email to discuss your requirements.

Application Examples for Combined Roller Bearings and Profiled Rails:

horizontal linear motion applicationhorizontal and vertical systemSimple cantilever using combined roller bearings
Simple Horizontal SystemCombined Horizontal / VerticalHorizontal Cantilever
Telescopic heavy duty linear motionThree stage telescopic linear systemcantilevered systems using an I or H section
2 Stage Telescopic System3 Stage Telescopic SystemI Beam Cantilevered System