Corrosion Resistant Linear Motion System

Our aluminium motion guidance system is now fully corrosion resistant. The profiled linear rails are made from aluminium with stainless steel inserts and the carriages have stainless steel balls. The carriages are available in standard and flanged styles and there are three sizes available. The rails can be specified as either top or bottom mounting. This lightweight system is ideal for exterior applications or where there is a requirement for low ferrous content.

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Euro-Bearings Ltd’s website is being updated to be mobile friendly, making it easier to use from both mobile phones and tablets. It contains just as much technical information as our usual website but is more accessible by portable devices. Our technical sales team are working as usual so please do ask if you need any help (or want to give us feedback about the new website).

Quiet Linear Motion from Euro-Bearings Ltd

Linear Motion without noise – Vulkollan coated bearings for use with steel C rails

Are you looking for a quiet linear motion system? Then look no further. Our new Vulkollan coated bearings are designed to run in our steel C channels to make a sliding system that is both smooth and quiet.

Choose from V.053P (52.5mm ø) or V.054P (62.5mm ø).
V.054P is also available in stainless steel.

The Oilamid rubbing block can be adjusted – by simply turning a screw – to provide axial guidance and support which helps the system to run true.

Full details can be found here

What is a Mast Bearing?

Mast bearings are found on fork lift trucks. They carry the forks (carriage) up the mast and they also enable the various stages of the mast to extend.

There are four main types of Mast Bearings:

  1. Mast guide bearings – these bearings guide the mast stages up as the forks are raised beyond the first stage. They also attach the fork carriage to the mast rails.
  2. Carriage bearings – these provide lateral guidance to the fork carriage as it travels up the mast. They are typically smaller than the mast guide bearings.
  3. Side thrust rollers – these bearings transfer the lateral (sideways) loads to the mast and help to prevent twist. Typically they are mounted on a shaft (pin).
  4. Chain roller bearings – these guide the leaf chain that raises & lowers the mast. The bearings are usually flanged like a pulley to ensure the chain is captive.

Sometimes the mast guide bearings and side thrust rollers are fitted as a complete assembly, known as a Combined Roller Bearing.

What features do Mast Bearings have?

  • Thick Outer Ring: Mast bearings operate at relatively low speeds. They travel along the rail as a track bearing (like a wheel) and consequently experience high loads. The outer ring (steel tyre) of a mast bearing is much thicker than a standard bearing, to enable this load to be transmitted.
  • Inseparable Design: The components of the bearings are held together to form an inseparable ‘wheel’.
  • Balls or Rollers: Due to the high loads, mast bearings usually have balls or rollers as their rolling element.
  • Seals: Mast bearings are usually to sealed to prevent the grease from escaping and to keep debris out. The seal can be rubber (RS) or metal (ZZ), or sometimes a combination of both (ZRS).

How to Identify a Mast Bearing?

Our Technical Sales team are very experienced in identifying mast bearings. To help them, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Make of the fork truck (e.g. Toyota)
  2. Part numbers or brands stamped on the bearing, or a part number from the parts book. Everything helps.
  3. The dimensions as accurately as possible. That is the ID (shaft size), OD (outside diameter) & width. The width of the outer ring and the inner ring are likely to be different. It is important to know both to ensure the bearing will fit back on the shaft. For side thrust rollers, the length of the shaft and the hole centres is also critical.
  4. The shape of the bearing & whether is has rollers or balls inside. Choose the nearest type from our drawing list or send us some photos.
Mast Bearings - mast guide bearing, chain roller bearing, side thrust roller and carriage bearing.
A typical set of Mast Bearings
(Clockwise from back left: Chain Roller Bearing, Mast Guide Bearing, Side Thrust Roller & Carriage Bearing)

Oversize or Custom Mast Bearings

If the bearing you need is no longer in production or you have a special requirement, Euro-Bearings Ltd can manufacture bespoke mast bearings to suit your needs. Typically we would need a sample or pattern to quote and lead times can be as short as 24 hours.

Contact Us

If you need help to identify a mast bearing or want a quotation, please contact our technical sales team by email or telephone.

The Best Linear Motion System?

horizontal and vertical system

Combined Roller Bearings & Mating Steel Profiles are one of the most versatile linear motion systems. Originally used on forklift trucks, the bearings are designed to carry both the axial and radial loads in one unit. The bearings and rails can be used horizontally and vertically, and can also be arranged telescopically to allow for full extension.

The main advantage of Combined Roller Bearings over other track rolling systems is that the smaller axial rollers contact the web of the profiled rails. This helps to keep the system running parallel and consequently prevents it from jamming.

The bearings can be supplied pre-welded to a mounting plate and then simply bolted onto the carriage or they can be welded directly to the structure for a more compact configuration.

Here are some of the possible arrangements:

horizontal linear motion applicationhorizontal and vertical systemSimple cantilever using combined roller bearings
Simple Horizontal
Combined Horizontal
/ Vertical
Horizontal Cantilever
Telescopic heavy duty linear motionThree stage telescopic linear systemcantilevered systems using an I or H section
2 Stage Telescopic
3 Stage Telescopic
I Beam

Click on an image for further information.

With good resistance to dirt and heat, Combined Roller Bearings can be used in many industrial applications: from packaging machines to furnace loaders, brick makers to offshore pipe and cable laying devices, to name just a few.

If you have a heavy duty linear motion application, please contact our technical sales team for help and advice.

Details on how to select the correct size of bearing can be found here.

Stainless Steel Anti-Vibration Engine Mounts

stainless steel marine mount

Our latest product is a stainless steel anti-vibration mount. It is available in two sizes – SS MCM 01 and SS MCM 02. This captive mount can be used to mount engines & generators in marine environments. The mounting hole is captive between the top and bottom plates to ensure that the AV mount remains failsafe should the rubber shear.

We also have a range of Male-Male (MMSS) and Female-Female (FFSS) mounts in Stainless Steel.

A Fresh Look

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new website. The new layout is better suited to viewing on mobiles phones and tablets whilst remaining just as informative as ever. We hope that you find it easy to navigate. Please do give us your feedback on it (good or bad).

euro-bearings new website
New Website from Euro-Bearings Ltd

Linear shafts – now on stock!

We can supply both standard hardened & ground (Cf53) shaft AND also stainless linear shaft (X90CrMoV18) from stock.

All shafts have a tolerance of h6 for running linear bearings on.

Please tell us the quantities and lengths you require for a quotation.